Surprisingly viral hockey video!


I’m completely floored that this video took off like it did…   I was just working on my shot aka Hockey Snipes and thought of this as I was putting all the gear away.   It is amazing sometimes how you can have some of your most simple and creative moments when it is not forced!  Just like hockey!  Practice as much as you can…  so when you are in the situation “game time” it just comes natural and not forced!

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Happy Birthday to the console version of Blades of Steel!

Happy Birthday to the console version of Blades of Steel, first released on the Nintendo Famicom on July 22, 1988. Thanks to PSP at for the info!

Blades of Steel started as an arcade game!  It used two track balls (for one and two player) to move your player up and down the the ice!  Very innovative at the time!  See the control panel below.

The Game’s stand out feature was the fight button!   Once activated gave you a new screen with two players standing up ready to fight… arcade version down below and NES version was the first photo.  Big difference in graphics but both shared some great game play memories!

This game then got ported over to the NES by Konami!  I remember some parents not happy about the fighting feature in the game but this was way before the video game Rating system!  It had some great box art work too as well!  see below.

It also was on the original gameboy!  It had a really cool feature where you could link up two gameboy handhelds to each other and play against one another… the bummer part was both gameboys had to have the blades of steel cart in to play!   see artwork below.


I have tons of great memories playing both the arcade and the console game!  It is definately in my top 5 hockey video games of all time!  Something I must do for a future article!

Happy Birthday Blades of Steel console version!

PS special thanks to Patrick Scott Patterson for the heads up on this one.  Please visit his website and follow him on all social media platforms.

Don’t go through life without goals…


Don’t go through life without goals…  yes a play on words with pun intended!

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