Strahan in the NFL Hall of Fame

Mr. Michael Strahan was inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame… in 2003 I was blessed to sit next (near) to Mr Strahan at the NJ Devils Stanley Cup finals game 3… our seats where right by where Chris Berman was broadcasting on ESPN (when espn actually cared about NHL hockey) They where kick ass seats and blessed to not have to pay a single cent for them due to my line of work… Strahan was harassed the whole 1st period by fans of him with requests for autographs, handshakes and photo ops (before cell phone selfies) Michael Strahan countered these actions by buying an expensive Martin Brodeur custom goalie mask and wore it for the rest of the Stanley cup playoff game 3 game! The fans went crazy when he came back to his seat with it… they even started a chant for him “Stray—han… Stray-han” Mike embraced the crowd and so did Chris Berman! It was pretty amazing to be in the center of it… I was able to talk to Mr. Strahan a bit but didn’t want to feel seem like some sort of green fly… So i never even thought of asking for an autograph.. a photo would of been even crazier to ask due to the fact most didn’t walk around with a media center in there pocket like we all do these days…. Well to conclude my story… my friend that I took to the game… did something for me that most wouldn’t… he went out on a ledge while Strahan went to make a phone call and had him sign the back of his Stanley Cup ticket! He didn’t even tell me tell me he did so… i actually had no idea… till when I got in the car and drove home (after the devils won that game btw) and he turned to me and said “here bro… i got you his autograph”