4 different hockey stops on Synthetic ice

4 Types of Hockey Stops by Jeremy Weiss

Our friend Jeremy Weiss from weisstechhockey.com  Just uploaded an awesome How to video for your hockey stops… Having trouble which one is right for you?  Well search no longer… Check out the video below or visit this link on hockey shot’s you tube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJsWTm6y7fc#t=60

I struggle myself with stopping in hockey… not ever being properly taught and kind of just learning on my own… I’ve developed bad habits…  Practicing on that sythetic ice  would make a me a better player and keep me from looking like a fool on the ice.

I even broke down all of Jeremy’s examples by time… Two Foot, Inside/Outside Edge Stop 3:38     Two Foot, Inside Edge Stop 6:11     One Foot, Inside Edge Stop 8:31   —— One Foot, Outside Edge Stop  10:10

Jeremy is skating on the new Hockey Shot Synthetic ice… I would love to line the basement floor with these tiles… for more info Click here or click the banner below to save 10 bucks off your 100 dollar order.

Upper Corner Hockey

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