A life spent playing hockey is time well spent

I made this hockey meme yesterday… feeling blessed, inspired and thankful for all I have.  Family, friends and Hockey!  Family for love and support.  Friends for laughs and good times.  And Hockey for the ability to take out all my anger and aggression out on that little black 6oz puck.. =)     With all that said… this meme was a good inspiration of all of that combined…  It also seem to hit home for a lot of people on my facebook.com/uppercornerhockey page seeing it got over 450 shares and 35,000 people saw it…   thanks for all the support.  Don’t let life pass ya bye…  Get out and play hockey.. if it’s in the street, extra ice time at the rink, with team mates, or practicing in your bedroom…  Don’t let valuable time go wasted…