I decided I needed to get some exercise.  At 38 (now 39) years of age I am not getting any younger.  So I was looking into a few options to get into shape and have fun at the same time.  I love surfing but living 1 ½ from the closest beach and also in a wave drought doesn’t help the method of staying in shape.  I figure maybe Mt biking was the way to go but seeing a storm blew threw and basically wrecked the entire trail.  Going to the gym is totally out. Seeing I am a germ-a-phobe and use to work at a place with a gym I do not need anymore germs in my life.  So what to do what to do?

I drive by everyday at work past two out door Roller/street hockey rinks.  They never have anyone at them.  Well while I had a few days off I decided to take my little ones to the rink to check it out.  I packed up a few things and snacks and headed that way.  It was pretty warm out but we slapped on our skates and checked it out.

The area was a complete ghost town.  Not a person in site.  So it felt like we had our own private out door rink.  The rink isn’t in the best of shape but it is far from being a dump.  The goals are in great shape along with the nets.  Lot of dings off the post but that is normal.  The boards where in great shape but a wire fence went around the top instead of polycarbonate (like they have in NHL).  So don’t get checked into the boards with out a helmet and a facemask.

My young ones got bored fast but just for me to be on skates for the first time in over 15 years felt great.  It felt like I never stopped playing. I mean don’t get me wrong I was a bit rusty but it felt good to skate around and shoot.  Even though it was only for a total of 6 minutes LOL.

The next time I headed out I ventured out alone.   I still have all my old equipment minus a hockey stick seeing when I moved out of my parents house 15 years or more ago it was the first thing my Mom threw out.  So with that being the case I had to actually head out with a mylec stick. Show video here.  There was no one around so I had this funny idea for a video.  So I used my shoe as a tripod and used my iphone 4s as a video camera and made a little spoof about mylec sticks.


More coming soon…..

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