Anything for Hockey #anythingforhockey


Molson Canadian Lager beer is making Canadian Hockey Players dreams come true!  Hence… Canadian Hockey Players Dreams come true!   The rest of us can suck it!  Am I bitter… you damn right I am!   I drink and support Molson Canadian beer! (shown in the photo above)  I live in New Jersey and I guess the Helicopter can’t cross the Canadian border… Either way. I can still dream.  I love what they are doing… I don’t understand why it is open just to Canadians but hey their rules, their puck, and their rink.   I’m still a huge fan of their beer (as a beer league myself) so they don’t have to stress about sales dipping.   Still jealous my buddy Jeremy R. from How To Hockey got to go last year.   This year it is on the top of some Skyscraper in Toronto (I think, it is still undisclosed)  Hopefully he gets picked again… What would be cool is the newbies get to play the last years veterans!     What ya think?    Hell I’ll go film it!  Is that allowed?  #lol  Check out Jeremy’s Story below.

Well maybe someday I can be involved or… what do you do when people don’t involve ya… build your own contest!   In my contests… Everyone is allowed to enjoy our great game we love!  (Thanks Canada for the coolest game on ice)

Upper Corner Hockey