Best Price on an Ez goal and includes a backstop for $134.95

Sick of chasing pucks?  Or even worst yet… sick of loosing pucks?   Who isn’t… Well loose a lot less pucks when sniping those corners…   Also light weight enough to carry down the street to a friends house…  it also folds up flat for EZ (easy) storage…   This will dent with shots over 85mph at close range if you hit the post just right but I’ve tested them and believe you me… they are a lot stronger than you think!     They also work great for the pond!   I sure hate chasing pucks in the woods!   This will save you time and money!  with my coupon I got ya!  Get this for $134.95  Cheapest price on the net!  Also take 10% off your entire order as well..  use CODE: BDOLAN10  save 10% off your entire order!  and get the best price on the net (pun intended)


watch the EZ goal in action from one of our best youtube hockey snipers

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