Winter Classic 2018 viral meme


One of my good friends went to the 2018 Winter Classic at Citi field!   He took this photo and said “The only good use of a baseball stadium”  I found it pretty funny.   He’s always giving people who like baseball a hard time!   This one really put baseball fans over the edge lol…  but… my hockey fans seemed to enjoyed it… within 30 minutes of it being posted it hit over 10k reached and 100 shares… it will probably go higher so go follow it over on facebook

Thanks and wish you all a Happy New year!

Blizzard Jonas dumps a ton of snow but I’m Staying Saucy!


Click on photo above to see my Jonas Blizzard Sauce video!   or watch the video at the bottom!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up this morning to already close to 1 1/2 of snow.  (now expected to get 40 to 48 inches of snow).   They sure screwed this forecast up!  They said our area was getting 3-6 inches of snow…  more like 3 to 6 FEET OF SNOW.  Oh well… let’s just hope the power stays on and I’ll get us out tomorrow!  Just in time for some Ice hockey at 8pm Sunday night!   That will be my motivation to clear us out!  lol.


Sauce Kit Selfie!

Sauce Kit Hat came just in time!  Thanks @ Hockey Sauce Kit! 


Time for the Sauce kit beanie to dry out…   Still snow and going to venture out more. Watch my little video below:

Stay safe everyone from the Jonas Blizzard of 2016


Hanson Brothers give pregame speech of a lifetime!


Best quote ever “Bleed All over them, let em know you’re there!” too funny!   The original movie Goon Squad The Hanson Brothers from the classic movie “Slap Shot” showed up at Kraft Hockeyville USA game, played in Johnstown, PA.  I wrote more on this at so feel free to check it out.   Watch the full speech in this video below:

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 40 years then you don’t know who these guys are… or have been born in the last decade… so refresh your memory and buy the must have video on DVD or stream.


Upper Corner Hockey

Save up to buy an EZ Goal and I break both my hockey sticks

Oh the irony… or just plain bad luck…  or blessing in disguise. You decide!  I’ve been putting off getting an EZ Goal for a few years now…   I have the Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge shooting tarp and used the snot out of it… I also have access to a great outdoor rink facility…

But I’ve noticed since I moved the tarp into the garage and this winter we’ve been hammered with snow (not as bad as Boston… I don’t know how ya all did it God bless ya) I’ve been doing less and less off-ice training…

I know I know… practice what you preach… so I did just that… I saved my bucks from some of my online affiliate sales (yes please click my links and buy I get a small commission thanks in advance for the support) and bought myself an Ez Goal with back stop!    I will do a full review soon…

So with all that said… I now have a chance to hockey snipe at home in the driveway and as I am shooting my first few snipes… I noticed a crack in my apx2… I must of broke it last week on a one timer!  It broke my heart… loved that stick… but no problem… I have a back up… My total one… and on my first shift going into the boards the other play puts his skate right through the blade of my stick… so now I’m stuck using my cracked apx2… it held up but everyone was yelling at me to take a clapper and I just couldn’t… it knew the blade wouldn’t handle it…  I had to explain to each guy on our team what happened… they really didn’t care they said “just take the slap shot anyways”….  I took one and it went way off to the right…

Well anyways the moral of the story is… well there really isn’t one…. I am still stoked to make the decision to get the EZ goal with back stop… I even took a few snipes with the broken apx2 shown in this vine video below:

If you are looking to buy any off-ice hockey training equipment please click the link below!  Every little bit helps!  and Thanks for the support!


$10 off $100 order use: UPPER10OFF

Don’t be that guy!

Hockey is a sport full of passion!   It has passionate players, passionate coaches and especially passionate fans!   But don’t let your emotions ruin the game of hockey for your kids!    This video shows this Father letting his emotions get the best of him…  Was the play wrong.. YES but does smashing the glass into a million pieces do anything to help the situation!  Well you all know the answer to that…   If you are overly Passionate and can’t handle your emotions at the game… do your kids a favor… just don’t sit in the stands and watch… just drop them off and let kids be kids!

Watch full video below

Stepping down from my soap box now =)

Quoted in USA Hockey Magazine December 2014 issue


Thanks to Christie Casciano Burns for using my quote in this months issue of USA Hockey Magazine…  I am beyond honored and exited to see it…  so awesome… below is the photo of the quote..   Great stuff..

See the full magazine here

Thanks everyone for the support
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