Hockey Shots new Durable hockey Net!


Sale on Net and Backstop at Hockeyshot use code “UPPER10OFF” to get it for $164.96 Great Deal buy here Click link THIS WEEK so Hurry! Ends Friday 9th Dec 2016.

and you’re welcome!

$10 off $100 order use: UPPER10OFF

Warrior Dynasty AX1 ST LE 100 flex Yakupov curve Grip Full Video Review


For 119 bucks this stick is a great stick to have in your arsenal!  Also great for all you tall hockey players out there.  This stick comes stock in 63 inch length!   I picked this up at Total Hockey with free shipping.  Great stuff they are going fast though at that price.



Unboxing something very very cool!


The Original Hockey Sauce Kit sent me a package today!   It was a complete surprise to me but I love Surprises!  Especially when they are Hockey filled gear Surprises!  So check out the video below to see what I got….

Interested in one of these Hockey Sauce Kit Beanies?  Click here 


Total Hockey video pick up unboxing


Total Hockey Video pick up!  Here is a video of me picking up my newest pick up from Total hockey or aka unboxing as it is known on “the youtube”   Check out and see what I did with my total hockey gift card…  I just couldn’t resist their year end sale.   Watch the video below…

Thanks for watching

Damn you Total Hockey!


I just couldn’t resist!  They sent me an email!  I got a few bucks from Christmas and sent it their way on a few sticks I’ve wanted for awhile!  but what sticks are they?

I’ll have to do a video whey they come!   Hope everyone had a great Holiday and a Happy New Year!  If you are interested in the sale click this link


The Goal Light Pen by Fan Fever


The goal light pen by fan fever a must for every hockey fan that still actually writes!  See video below… the video was taken with an iphone 5s with no audio modifications.  So you can see how loud the The Goal Light pen is!   The pen works great but it won’t be deafening anyone with the sound or blinding anyone with the light!  Still works awesome though as you can see in the video below.  I thumbs up for a great Birthday gift or Holiday gift!    Great Stocking stuffer idea

Thanks and buy below from Amazon
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The New Hockey Shot Goals stronger and built to last


The Key here is… “Solid construction due to 2-3/4″ pipe connections (pipe inside the pipe).”

This photo above is the complete package for $259.00 comes with everything shown in this photo…   This past Spring I bought an Ez Goal from Hockey shot…  I knew this goal was coming out yet couldn’t wait.   The EZ goal only is 2″ pipe and it dents when you have a shot over 60mph or more.   I have yet to test this net but know how it is constructed this net is built a whole lot better than an EZ goal.   Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t have any buyer regret with the EZ Goal… I enjoy that thing very much.  It is very light weight and worth every penny I spent.   But if you are looking for something that will last you a long long time… spend the extra money.   for more info Click Here 

Also get 10 bucks off this net so the total will be $249.00 use code “UPPER10OFF”

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Fan Fever Goal Torch Siren goal horn! must have! Great gift idea!


Fan Fever Goal Torch Siren goal horn!  must have!  Great gift idea!  See video I took from my iphone!   I saw people complain about the sound but…   it sounds pretty good to me!    We all know the Iphone 5s doesn’t have the best mic and it sound pretty good to me… lots of fun kids love it and so do i!    See video below


Looking to buy?  click here or ad link below.  Thanks for the support!

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Tie Domi’s new book Shift Work


Tie Domi’s Autobiography called “Shift Work”

From hockey’s most prolific fighter comes a sports memoir unlike any other—passionate, funny, and candid, Shift Work chronicles Domi’s sixteen tumultuous seasons in the NHL.

Making it through a single fight as an enforcer in the NHL is a sign of toughness. Making it through 333 of them is a mark of greatness. Whether it was on the ice or off it, Tie Domi was driven to be the best at his job and was gifted with an extraordinary ability to withstand pain. He made a career out of protecting the people around him and became known as someone who would stand up for the people who needed it most.

Remember this one?

It is a 240 page read… Interested?  Click the link below to buy it on hardcover.
I’m sure Tie would autograph it for ya!  With his fist!  =)

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