He Knew he f-ed up saucer pass gone wrong trick shot video


Not proud of this one… or am I?   I did hit the camera on my first try… to bad I was aiming for the Hockey Sauce Kit net! lol… Hey not all trick shots or saucer passes go as planned!  It’s all good… it makes for a funny hockey fail video!    Watch the video below

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Sunday Sauce or Sunday Gravy… hockey style

We call it Sunday Sauce in our house hold..    Plus hockey gravy pass just doesn’t sound right but… if you are a true Italian…  I guess it could work =)

If you’re having trouble with your hockey saucer pass.. and watch to get my most popular tutorial..  check out this video below or check the how to section of this website.  It’s over 40k views


How durable is hockey sauce kit?


If you are are ever wondering the durability of the original hockey sauce kit look no further!  I took a slap shot right into the heart of it and it took it like a champ… this sauce kit isn’t made for slap shots but if you are ever wondering “how durable is the original hockey sauce kit?” is?  Then…. here is your answer.   See video below.

don’t forget to check out my How to Saucer Pass like a pro video too!


When your daughter asks you to play hockey! You play Hockey!


When your daughter or son asks you “Daddy can we go make one of those hockey trick shot videos?”  You drop whatever you are doing… right there and now!   Playing Hockey with you daughter or son is something they will remember forever!  Don’t even as a Hockey Mom or Dad pass up the opportunity to make great hockey memories… Even if it is just in your driveway =)


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Hockey Rink Length Saucer Bomb! Saucer pass!


Click here to watch video tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t7hDoC1Ifo
Read the tutorial click here http://uppercornerhockey.com/tutorials/how-to-sauce-pass-like-a-pro-or-saucer-pass/

Goal to Goal Length saucer bomb for fun… the other night at Ice Hockey I hit our guy 3 times with this same move at the blue line… it is really really effective… it is only effective though I you get the pass to actually land FLAT on the ice… I’ve seen to many people throw up muffins and expect the offence to get and receive this pass correctly… so practice this effective pass!

See video below or click on the photo above…

Equipment used in this video can be found at http://www.uppercornerhockey.com/shop


Perfect your Saucer Pass in Ice Hockey off ice


Looking for a way to perfect that perfect flat ice hockey saucer pass?   Well you’ve watched my Tutorial on How to Saucer Pass like a Pro video!  <– click link if you haven’t…  BUT… you want to practice at home!  Maybe even have fun doing so?  Well you’re prayers have been answered… check out the Original Hockey Sauce kit…    I been having a blast this summer of 2015 with it…   it is compact and great to carry around… it is super simple to set up… and it’s a ton of fun… it is like the corn hole of hockey!    I make this quick little fun video but soon I will do a mega end of the season video that I’ve been working on… Saucer passing into these things isn’t just fun it is also very rewarding because it translates to the ice so easy… I pride myself in having some of the flattest saucer passes so my team mates don’t have to fumble with a “muffin” of a pass.

Check the video below.


Deck Railing Sauce! with Hockey Sauce Kit and True xcore 9

Watch full unlisted coming soon video click on the photo above..  Other wise check out the money hockey sauce on the vine video below.

I don’t know where I came up with the idea… I had about 15 minutes to kill so I thought to myself… ummm I wonder if that deck railing will hold me…  I am shocked it did but if it didn’t we would of had an even better video of my fall through a collapsing deck!   Well unfortunately it held me so you get this Hockey Vine below… More on this coming soon…   And remember if you want to Saucer Pass like a pro check out our tutorial section! or follow this link http://uppercornerhockey.com/tutorials/how-to-sauce-pass-like-a-pro-or-saucer-pass/

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