First Video Game Ever Licensed by the NHL and it isn’t what you think!


The first Video Game Ever Licensed by the NHL and it isn’t what you think!   Yes it was this game back in 1980 made for the Intellivision  by Mattel Electronics.    If you don’t believe me… check the photo below of the back of the box. Photo Below!


Even Wiki doesn’t acknowledge it!   Come on man!

This game to today’s standards sucked!  LOL…  But for an old fart like me… the graphics where mind blowing!  This was Next Level hockey video game (for the time)!   Sad to say right?   Watch this random youtube video I found of the game play below!

This game will always have a place in my heart!   I am so happy to have it in my hockey video game collection.  I will do my best to save them all from the dumpsters across America!


Happy Birthday to the console version of Blades of Steel!

Happy Birthday to the console version of Blades of Steel, first released on the Nintendo Famicom on July 22, 1988. Thanks to PSP at for the info!

Blades of Steel started as an arcade game!  It used two track balls (for one and two player) to move your player up and down the the ice!  Very innovative at the time!  See the control panel below.

The Game’s stand out feature was the fight button!   Once activated gave you a new screen with two players standing up ready to fight… arcade version down below and NES version was the first photo.  Big difference in graphics but both shared some great game play memories!

This game then got ported over to the NES by Konami!  I remember some parents not happy about the fighting feature in the game but this was way before the video game Rating system!  It had some great box art work too as well!  see below.

It also was on the original gameboy!  It had a really cool feature where you could link up two gameboy handhelds to each other and play against one another… the bummer part was both gameboys had to have the blades of steel cart in to play!   see artwork below.


I have tons of great memories playing both the arcade and the console game!  It is definately in my top 5 hockey video games of all time!  Something I must do for a future article!

Happy Birthday Blades of Steel console version!

PS special thanks to Patrick Scott Patterson for the heads up on this one.  Please visit his website and follow him on all social media platforms.

Happy Birthday to Nintendo’s Ice Hockey, first released in Japan on January 21, 1988


Happy Birthday to Nintendo’s Ice Hockey, first released in Japan on January 21, 1988
I got this tidbit of information from Patrick Scott Paterson. Read full article  click here 

In coming up with this week’s look back into video game history, I noted we are upon the anniversary of Nintendo 8-bit classic Ice Hockey, first released on January 21, 1988. That moment was followed by thoughts of how silly it would probably look to my kids today, despite how popular it was at the time. That led to deeper thoughts about sports games in general, and how little respect they get from many gamers today.  Read more… 

Probably one of my most cherished games as a kid and still now as a adult!   The photo above isn’t the original copy I had when I was a kid.  I picked this one up a few years ago at a retro video game store in Clifton NJ called Digital Press Videogames.  This store is amazing in itself and if you are ever in the area I recommend stopping in and reliving some childhood memories.  I picked it up CIB (complete in box) for $5.99.   It was a bargain because when I first bought this game as a kid I think I paid $49.99 or more.   This game was so far advance from what we before.   Atari had Ice Hockey and Intellivision had Super Video Arcade hockey. See Photo below:

So when Nintendo’s NES came out with Ice Hockey.  It was mind blowing for the time!  Now it gets little to no respect but back in 1988 it was awesome!    It soon lost it’s luster when the rival new game called Blades Of Steel hit the NES Console.  See photo below


When Blades of Steel came out poor Ice Hockey took a back seat on my console but will forever have a place in my heart!


PS you can actually still get it for your NES

Still better than NHL 15


I just couldn’t resist… meme-ing this…  I picked this game up the other day at my local retro store @ @digital press video games in Clifton, NJ.   This one has been on my list for awhile.   I am really happy I got it CIB (complete in box).  This game is for the retro console Atari 2600.    Do you still remember this game?     This adds another one to the on going collection.   My goal is to collect every hockey video game ever made.   See the video below.   Doing well so far.

upper corner hockey


NHL 16 kind of the same as last year but more features…


Well seeing NHL 15 was such a disappointment (to most) they seemed to just throw out a BIG update which includes all the features that where missing in NHL 15 and call it NHL 16...  Feeling totally ripped off paying 64 dollars total (including tax) at my local Game Stop…  I still had to have this game… Was it because it is so awesome?  No!   Was it all the graphics… NO! (again same game play same as last year)  Was it all the new cool dangles you can do (no not one new dangle or move btw)…….. it was the damn Demo that sold me on this game…    Which leads me to believe and I quote!  “DEMOS SELL GAMES!”    I don’t mean just any demo… Time limited demos… where you are literally in the middle of a game (you are actually winning for once) and they shut the damn service down on ya… as pissed as I was… still made me go out and buy the game… I really didn’t think I was going to buy it…. BUT… there is a hurricane coming and to not have any sort of hockey in my life might be more devastating than any hurricane could possible bring  =)

Upper Corner Hockey

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NHL 15 Patches and Updates

Patch coming soon includes…

A friend of mine emailed me a link from a reliable source with all this info below… Still sounds like a lot will be missing but all of it can be fixed with updates and patches… So if you aren’t happy… make sure you make EA know it…

  1. Playoff mode: An offline tournament mode for up to 16 teams will be added
  2. Coach Feedback in Be a Pro mode will be added… While you are on the bench the coach will be chirping at ya but no word on if they will add the much needed Simulate feature.
  3. Stars of the Game… same last last year will be added to every mode.
  4. Ultimate Team Changes: Store Layout will change. new items and animations and Edit lines screen made better


Coming in October:

Online Team Play: This Missing Mode will be added post launch…

GM Draft: You’ll finally be able to draft your own players in Be a GM Mode


This still leaves out a bunch of features… Post which ones at the bottom of this article in the new facebook comment box I added.  Hopefully we as a community and get our message across and be heard!



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