If you stay ready… hockey snipes

Watched an interview with Will Smith the other day… yes the Fresh Prince!  In that interview he talked about always being ready…    I couldn’t agree more…     So my point is… This off-season don’t let your hockey gear collect dust…  You can do other things (sports, swim, surf, etc) don’t get me wrong… Staying active and having fun is the best way to stay in shape but there is nothing else more fun than hockey so get out and hockey snipe!

#uppercorner #hockey

150,000 loops on vine video hockey snipe bar down

I’m just blown away on how many loops this vine video has gotten…  check out the hash tag #uppercornerhockey for a full community of Upper Corner Hockey snipes!   https://vine.co/tags/uppercornerhockey  

Have just a blast playing and building this Hockey Snipes community!  please join us for a few hockey snipes!
Upper corner hockey

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