How to Install your new Extreme Passing Kit


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Thinking about getting a Extreme Passing Kit? Or already bought one and want to see how to set it up… The set up is a snap! Super simple. This is a great Tutorial for Hockey Mom and Hockey Dad! Most hockey players won’t need this due to the fact they can figure it out but just know what Side to shoot on is worth watching this tutorial or aka how to video.

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Filmed and produced by Brent Dolan
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How can I fix my broken Hockey stick?

Broken Hockey Stick? 260 dollars down the drain… but WAIT! you can get get it fixed?? What what? check out my full video review of the @ Integral Hockey Stick repair!


How to get rid of that Retail sticker from your Hockey blade!

Yes… the place that sticker in the worst possible place… well fear no more.. here is a quick tutorial How to get rid in three simple fast steps… you can visit this link here  or watch the youtube video below



Score more goals in ice hockey… get the shot off fast

People ask me time and time again… “how do i score more goals”  well one way is to get to the net… closer you are to the net the more you will get that puck past the goalie!  The other way is… get that shot off fast!  If you get a pass from your team mate… Just fire it off fast… don’t hesitate…  It give the goalie to much time… you don’t need a huge slap shot either… sometimes a quick wrist shot like in this video will do the trick… it is more accurate and deceptive…  more on that soon… watch the quick video below… and yes… this is what I do when I come home from work… I will fire off at least 5 to 6 shots before dinner!    Great stuff and kills any anger or frustration I had that day lol! Watch the video below…

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Develop the softest of hands with the Extreme Passing Kit from HockeyShot

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Step up your game!  with the Extreme passing kit!   Practice your passing and receiving all day long with this Off Ice Hockey trainer!   I pass at least about 500 pucks a week back and forth to create that muscle memory to help develop those soft hands every hockey player strives for…   The large roll up shooting pad is great due to it being as slick as ice and has zero seams… which means the puck will glide as fast as you slide it back and forth into the hockey rebounder…. speaking of rebounder… this Extreme passing kit features the clip on or clamp on Passer rebounder model that secures itself tight to the roll up shooting pad…   I highly recommend this item for anyone that has a garage, basement or any type of area to practice in… you won’t regret it.    for more info and specs visit this link

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Hockey Defense 101 Use the Markings on the ice! VIDEO

Jeremy from How to Hockey and The Hockey Movement along with Dan the man… show you how you can use the markings on the ice to better position your self during the game when you are playing Defense.    They show you the correct way and the wrong way… so these quick tips or even refresher course for you all… Might help you and your team out…    Love Hockey? Join

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Hockey Nutritional tutorial series!

Check out Chris from first video of his new series Nutrition for Hockey Players…   The first one is on “What should I Eat Before And After a Game or Practice ”  We are all trying to get an edge and maybe a balanced healthy diet is just what you need!


Learn How to Saucer Pass like a Pro!

Be the Saucer King!  This is the easiest way to send some sweet saucer passes to your team mates!    This video has been my most watched on my youtube channel for the last two months… it is getting close to 10,000 views…  it is also one of my most useful videos as well…  Everyone that has followed these quick little steps and have had instant success.

Definition: Saucer Pass is a term used in any Hockey using a puck.  It is the act of one player passing the puck to his team mate through the air like a flying saucer and having the puck slap flat on the ice so his team mate can except the pass with ease.  It has been deemed a difficult pass to accomplish until now!

If you are one to read Click here for the How to Saucer Pass but if you are like me and enjoy watching video… check out the video below.

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How to Play “Posts”

One of my favorite on and off ice games is a good game of Hockey posts.  There is a ton of different ways to play but we found this way to be most the competitive and a good way for any skill level to play and enjoy the game.

You start off hitting any of the main posts.   You don’t have to call your shot… just hit the post once and it is done…  So you can start with cross bar, left post or right post…  once you hit it.. move on to the next post…   You get one shot… your opponent gets one shot…  So basically you alternate shots.

So I know what you are thinking… “Brent what is the big deal?  What makes your rules so different?”   Well… the kicker is… once you finish all the posts…   You need to win the game by going…   BAR DOWN…  and I mean #BARDOWN and in… Back Bar does not count… it has to go Bar South and in…    Adding this element to the game raises the difficulty level a bit…  Gives the guy behind the game.. a chance to catch up and get back into the game…


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How to Install your Hockey Shot dry Land off ice Hockey tiles

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So you made the “Big Purchase”  or on the Fence?  Well here is a super quick video to show you how easy it is to install your hockey shot Dry Land Off Ice Hockey tiles… These work best on a flat surface… I first had these on top of my basement carpet and it made the tiles not work as good as they should… if the surface isn’t flat and solid like a basement unfinished floor or unfinished garage floor… the tiles seams will make it difficult and not have the puck slide as well… so make sure #1 the area you are installing these tiles is flat!  no rugs underneath, etc.   Check the video below for all the other info on how easy it is to lay down these Hockey tiles.

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