First Video Game Ever Licensed by the NHL and it isn’t what you think!


The first Video Game Ever Licensed by the NHL and it isn’t what you think!   Yes it was this game back in 1980 made for the Intellivision  by Mattel Electronics.    If you don’t believe me… check the photo below of the back of the box. Photo Below!


Even Wiki doesn’t acknowledge it!   Come on man!

This game to today’s standards sucked!  LOL…  But for an old fart like me… the graphics where mind blowing!  This was Next Level hockey video game (for the time)!   Sad to say right?   Watch this random youtube video I found of the game play below!

This game will always have a place in my heart!   I am so happy to have it in my hockey video game collection.  I will do my best to save them all from the dumpsters across America!


Blizzard Jonas dumps a ton of snow but I’m Staying Saucy!


Click on photo above to see my Jonas Blizzard Sauce video!   or watch the video at the bottom!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up this morning to already close to 1 1/2 of snow.  (now expected to get 40 to 48 inches of snow).   They sure screwed this forecast up!  They said our area was getting 3-6 inches of snow…  more like 3 to 6 FEET OF SNOW.  Oh well… let’s just hope the power stays on and I’ll get us out tomorrow!  Just in time for some Ice hockey at 8pm Sunday night!   That will be my motivation to clear us out!  lol.


Sauce Kit Selfie!

Sauce Kit Hat came just in time!  Thanks @ Hockey Sauce Kit! 


Time for the Sauce kit beanie to dry out…   Still snow and going to venture out more. Watch my little video below:

Stay safe everyone from the Jonas Blizzard of 2016


Snow’s Coming… hockey meme


The Story behind the hockey meme…   My Friend Nick S. posted a photo and I just couldn’t resist to Hockey meme it.   There is a storm coming that is suppose to give us like 20 or more inches of snow… I’ll believe it when I see it.  It must be a slow new week.   I have Beer League on Sunday and thought I’d combo this photo with that meme.  If you’d like to hockey meme this one yourself.  I’ll add the photo blank league bike hockey meme If you meme this photo please send it to me on

If it does snow in NJ this bad and other areas… Please be smart and stay safe!


The hard work that no one sees that counts!


It’s the hard word you put in when no one’s looking is what counts!  I don’t even know where to start with this one… but don’t ever… ever feel that every second you put into your game is a waste of time… even if you are just saucing pucks to your friends in your driveway or dangling in your basement… it is those times that makes you a better player.  Snipes those pucks… dangle those obstacles…  live those dreams and move forward!


Price drop on NHL The Goal Light


I will be doing a full review with video very soon… but I’ve seen this in action on the web and it is great..    Perfect for any fan Man or Woman for their Hockey “Man Cave”     It is also on sale plus free shipping via Prime  click here

A great gift for any Hockey player for fan!   Pick your team and play their goal horn!   #mindblown.

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