Colt Hockey Stick Review

Deemed the “Unbreakable Hockey Stick” or is it?  Well I am sure you’ve all heard about this stick by now… with the ping pong ball and nanotechnology… and all that…  but does it work?   Well it seems to work… Adding strength to the stick from the mid point of the shaft down to the toe of the hockey sticks blade.  But wait…  from the mid point of the shaft up to the butt end of the stick is still not coated with nanotechnology…  The reason why?  Well Colt believes that all the abuse of the hockey stick is from the mid point of the shaft to the toe of the blade… it would also be adding more weight to the stick if it was completely covered in nanotechnology…   Well with all that said… is it the Unbreakable Hockey stick?????? This is a great product and that’s why I wrote this review, for other product review visit HotRate site online.  Also… Check out this awesome video review (below) by my buddy Chris (and crew) from Hockey Tutorial and full review on his website here and you’ll find out…

Upper Corner Hockey