Get back in the game of Hockey!

I been getting a lot of messages (yes keep those messages coming btw) on face book and been loving it! They are all hockey related questions… this one question stood out to me because I can and could relate the most to it.

from: Jeremy Juli
This message is for Brent:

In your opinion, someone whose been out of the game for over a decade now and is just about to sign up for an Adult Learn 2 Play ice hockey 8 week clinic — Do you think it’s wise to wait another 2 months and take that time to get back in the gym and lose some of the weight? (I’m about 20 lbs over at this point) or not put off playing anymore and just do the clinic and workout at the same time? Appreciate your input.

My Answer was: Don’t hesitate getting back on the ice… once you step on that ice… it will spark something inside you that you haven’t felt in over a decade… the rest just falls into place… because you are going to want to get better… you are going to want to get into shape… it is like a chain reaction… have a great time and keep me posted —- Brent

I love hearing this more and more from people that have liked upper corner hockey website and page…  no better feeling than growing the game ya love.  Please send any questions or comments to our face book page at

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