Green Biscuit Wednesday…

People ask me this question all the time… “Brent, what is the cheapest device I can buy that will make me a better hockey player”      I usually answer the question with a few questions to give them the correct answer..

  1. Do you own a hockey stick?
  2. Do you have a driveway?

If yes to both… then I tell them… get a Green Biscuit…  This simple yet inexpensive device (inexpensive to all the use  you’ll get out of it) will make your stick handling improve hands down… it is also quick and easy to use due to the fact you don’t have to lug anything out… you have your stick and a Green Biscuit and start stick handling… you get an amazing work out and you’re also working the correct muscles to add strength and endurance for when you get out onto the ice, rink or street (where ever you play…  It is that simple…

for more info on the Green Biscuit Click here

Upper Corner Hockey

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