Highlight of my hockey life… well so far

Check out the video below… but the story behind this video might be even sweeter then the goal itself.   This isn’t my first goal by far… but this is the first goal I have ever scored in front of my wife and two little ones… it is also the first game they have ever been to… so i am 1-1 so far… good thing it was a good one… Break a way goal and roof-ed it top shelf or how I like to say “upper corner”… The even more amazing thing is Jason was nice enough to give me the footage of that night… Jason was the goal that got beat in this video… He also robbed me of another goal Click here to see video… So the deal was I do a highlight video for him and He’d give me the footage… I still can’t believe I have this on tape… It makes me believe I should invest in some go pro cameras…. I better save up… oh yeah I also Partner with a company on my youtube channel… i am pretty pumped about it and hope it can help bring new views and more people to upper corner hockey!   Thanks for all the support everyone!  I couldn’t of done it with out you!

Upper Corner HOckey