Hockey Fixes Everything!


Starting Week 4 of being out with my Torn Meniscus surgery.  This week I have to find the time to get out and test this knee to see if it is “game ready”.  I will head to the local outdoor rink and try it with some inline skates.   The weather might be dry enough tomorrow.  I have to make the time to do this because for me… Hockey Fixes everything!   Ironic that I got hurt playing hockey but it wasn’t my fault…  Some a-hole that will get his karma took me out with a knee to knee trip as I beat him open ice.  (i’ll leave that for another story).   Anyways I am getting off the subject and having trouble even focusing on why I starting blogging this in the first place…    All I know is all my focus, health and energy will be back when and once I am back on the ice.   Amazing how lost I am with out it.