Hockey Shooting pads On sale!

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Everyone knows I love my Junior Extreme Ice shooting pad… if you don’t know then read my complete review on this awesome travel sized shooting pad by clicking here or go to reviews in the drop down menu.

There is nothing “junior” about this Junior Shooting pad… It is really slick and can be made slicker by adding some “pledge” or furniture polish to it… the puck will be as slick as ice… also with socks on your could probably fly across this thing and use it as a ghetto cheap slide board LOL

My favorite part about this Shooting pad is that it can fit into any car and be brought to your local outdoor rink… if you are lucky enough to have one.

Also the price of $39.95 regular price and with the 15% off you get it for $33.96 with code: HSHOTPADS15 and click here

If you see any of my videos I really do enjoy shooting off this great travel sized shooting pad. See video below:

I started a Thread here

A great inexpensive hockey Holiday gift for that Hockey Player in your life!

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