How to Play “Posts”

One of my favorite on and off ice games is a good game of Hockey posts.  There is a ton of different ways to play but we found this way to be most the competitive and a good way for any skill level to play and enjoy the game.

You start off hitting any of the main posts.   You don’t have to call your shot… just hit the post once and it is done…  So you can start with cross bar, left post or right post…  once you hit it.. move on to the next post…   You get one shot… your opponent gets one shot…  So basically you alternate shots.

So I know what you are thinking… “Brent what is the big deal?  What makes your rules so different?”   Well… the kicker is… once you finish all the posts…   You need to win the game by going…   BAR DOWN…  and I mean #BARDOWN and in… Back Bar does not count… it has to go Bar South and in…    Adding this element to the game raises the difficulty level a bit…  Gives the guy behind the game.. a chance to catch up and get back into the game…


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