Ice bucket challenge upper corner hockey Fight ALS

Got called out by my nephew today… so i took it to a whole nother level! I called out @ Hockey Wrap Around , Youtube hockey Snipes community, and my little ones! (because they didn’t want to feel left out) —  #icebucketchallenge

I added 50 Hockey Shot ice hockey pucks in the mix because… why not?   I figured I needed to do something different… because that is just who I am…  the helmet is used for safety reason (because dumping 50 bucks on your head with ice and water isn’t the safest thing to do to your head so if you do this #icepucketchallenge please use caution and wear a hockey helmet) and also used for ALS awareness… I did some research and found this  so wearing protection on your head is the smartest thing to do while doing this challenge… I’ve seen so many go wrong and people getting hit in the head with coolers, buckets and other things they attempted to drop on their heads and have gone wrong…  So please everyone!  Safety first!  Watch the video below

Thanks for the support everyone!
Upper Corner Hockey  #alschallenge