Ice or roller this winter?

Woke up this morning to beautiful blue sky and snow covered trees from yesterday snow. It got me thinking that maybe this year the ponds and local rink will be actually freeze over here in NJ. Well I looked at the extended forecast and that doesn’t look possible anytime soon. It also suppose to be like in the high 50’s in the 1st week of December. Good thing I bought those Inline Blades last night instead of ice skates huh? =)   I actually bought the Tour Thor 909 inline skates   I bought them from Inline Warehouse for 79.99 with Fre Shipping!  Regular 99.99 but they have a 20% off sale on everything just add coupon code “cyber20” offer ends 2:30pm PST on November 30th!  Still a few days left.  Let me know on facebook if you bought anything and send me photo of it as well when ya get it!

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