If my gym had this… I might actually go!


This is a custom build by D1 custom rinks!   I was trolling their website while talking to their Marcus (their online chat and very cool knowledgeable dude).  I came across this one and instantly thought to myself “If my gym had this… I’d actually go”

This would be an awesome off ice training facility!  I don’t know the cost of this exact build or but I am sure it isn’t cheap.   Looks amazing they did a great job.   Is this something hockey players would want?  A cross fit gym with hockey elements?  umm seems like a cool thing in my eyes!   Probably difficult to do in NJ due to rent being some of the highest in the country.

If there was a gym like this… would you go?

Go give D1 Custom Rinks a look at http://www.d1backyardrinks.com/ and a follow over at https://www.facebook.com/D1BackyardRinks?_rdr=p