Learn How to Saucer Pass like a Pro!

Be the Saucer King!  This is the easiest way to send some sweet saucer passes to your team mates!    This video has been my most watched on my youtube channel for the last two months… it is getting close to 10,000 views…  it is also one of my most useful videos as well…  Everyone that has followed these quick little steps and have had instant success.

Definition: Saucer Pass is a term used in any Hockey using a puck.  It is the act of one player passing the puck to his team mate through the air like a flying saucer and having the puck slap flat on the ice so his team mate can except the pass with ease.  It has been deemed a difficult pass to accomplish until now!

If you are one to read Click here for the How to Saucer Pass but if you are like me and enjoy watching video… check out the video below.

I started a Thread here http://www.thehockeynetwork.com/forum/welcome-to-the-hockey-network/general-hockey-discussion/hockey-videos/35706-easiest-way-to-saucer-pass-tutorial.php#35706

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