Life without would just suck! Hockey Meme

Well everyone must of had the case of the #Monday -s…   I came up with this on Sunday night due to the ice storm we got… I couldn’t get to the rink due to township closing down the main road at the top of my Mt.   So I was a bit bitter but I channeled that energy into making some hockey meme’s… this was one of them… it got over 86,000 reached over 500 likes and a whopping 1,017 shares… that is pretty impressive for such an non motivational hockey meme….  I guess you could probably see it in a way as motivation because life sure would suck without Hockey… I been suffering all week even though I played pond hockey with my daughters this past Saturday… more on that soon…

Here is a photo of the stats just in case you don’t believe me =)

Live life play hockey

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