Marc Andre Fleury… another reason why hockey Players are awesome

I got this story from a good friend of mine… I had to share to everyone… It is yet another reason why hockey players are so awesome!
read the story below:

Ethan All Star update:

After numerous attempts to toss Ethan a puck over the glass… Marc Andre Fleury took off his glove and blocker and threw him the puck over the glass at the end
of the competition…  So Ethan will be bringing home an All star Skills puck!   but wait…  that is not all….  They where waiting after the game to see if they could get
autographs, even though no one was signing… but Ethan wanted to wait to see if Fleury would come out.  He was waving his Fleury sign around when a car stopped,  rolled down its window
and sure enough it was Fleury.  He said “Hey I gave you a puck.. come here and I’ll sign it”  Instead Ethan asked if he would sign his jersey instead.
Adam lifted him up to the window and now Ethan is the proud owner of a signed Marc Andre Fleury Pens jersey… So happy for my little man —- Ethan’s Dad.


How great is that story?   Ethan is a goalie himself and this was a major dream come true!  I love hearing stuff like this…  I also love writing about them.. if you have an awesome feel good story.. please send me it to me via messenger!

I love spreading the good news and great things people do!

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