Best NHL 93 Themed Hockey Goalie Helmet ever!

hockey goalie mask nhl 93 94 inspired

Best Themed NHL 93 Hockey Goalie Helmet paint job to date by Royal Essex Custom Airbrushing!  Might also be the only one in assistance too but I have to say this is “Top Shelf”.    This would be the Goalie Helmet I would want (if I was to go in net).  I’ve had strong debates on which NHL game was the best.  It always ended up with the battle between NHL 93 and NHL 94.   Still a Tough called today.

nhl 93 94 hockey goalie mask meme

This mask even captures the famous line from swingers from now Famous Vince Vaughn “I’m going to make Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed for super fan #99 over here”  and minutes later…   “there it is Mikey, check it out his heads bleeding”  See the video clip below.  It’s a classic!

side view best hockey goalie mask ever

Roenick #27 was a beast in this game… he skated fast and could take a hit and snipe with accuracy!   He was a fan fav in NHL 93.

top view best goalie mask in hockey

Amazing detail and finish!

amazing goalie mask hockey

Even added the Ref pop up window that would come up way to often if you had off sides turned on!    Even the details with the lights reflecting off the ice is there.

hockey mask photo framed

Even the creator loved it so much he added a the photos of it in his man cave!

Truly amazing!
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