Hockey puck explodes in hydraulic press viral video


Hockey Puck VS Hydraulic Press!

If you haven’t seen this viral video already! You’re in for something special!

This Russian guy uses his hydraulic press to crush stuff in his Youtube Channel episodes!  It’s brilliant!    This is the first one I’ve ever watched and to be honest… I have no interest to see any of his other videos.   When I saw Hockey Puck!  I had to watch.

With all his intro it takes a good 40 seconds to see what happens to the puck.  I know my title kind of gives it away but watch the video below.

at first you think the hockey puck stands a chance…  well just wait for it.

puck-gets-crushed-by-a-hydraulic-press-hockey-meme-3the hockey puck starts to peel around the hydraulic press before it explodes

And boom!   and I mean it really gives a pretty loud bang and surprises everyone in the room.   I don’t think they where really prepared either.    Skip all the intro and watch the original youtube clip below.

Feel free to skip 40 seconds in

Well there ya have it!   Hydraulic press wins vs the hockey puck.


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