Talk like a Hockey Player eh? “How to” Complete guide to hockey player lingo


Other than the sport of Surfing… does a sport have it’s own language!  Hockey is one of those sports!  As baseball players think they are of high intellect… Football players talk all about how tough they are…  and basketball lingo is nothing but trash talking about someone’s mama.

Hockey is a totally different beast when it comes to lingo!  So here is your top guide to “how to talk like a hockey player eh?”

Bar Down / Bar South.  A shot in hockey that hits the cross bar (not back bar) and goes down and in the goal… It is the most covenant shot in hockey.

Barn.  Rink where ice hockey is played

Beaut .  A Verb that tells a player it was a great shot, pass, or play.

Bender .  I player that just isn’t very good at hockey.. the bender word comes from when the players ankles bend inwards and can’t skate very well.

Biscuit .  the hockey puck

Bucket .  the hockey helmet

Celly . short for celebration.

Celly Hard .  When a player goes over the top and celebrates way to hard.  Borderline making a fool out of himself

Chiclets .  another word for teeth or lack there of

Chirp .  talking trash..

Clapper . another name for a slap shot due to the fact that it makes a loud clap sound when hitting the puck

Dangle . when one stick handles so well.  also known as dangles

Duster .  a player that isn’t very good and being called this is an insult… he usually gets ice time at the end of the game… very late in the game when the ice is full of snow and hence dusting it clean.   also refereed too missing the puck and getting nothing but dust

Flow . or aka nice flow where a hockey player has great hair.  not to be confused with “hockey hair” this player usually has his hair all one length and not a “hockey hair” mullet

Gino . usually backed up with “nice gino” which means nice goal

Hoser . Old skool hockey name for loser

Mitts .   this is a players hands.. could be consider stone mitts for a player that has no feel for the puck or silky mitts that has complete control of the puck

Pigeon .  a player that picks up the garbage goals.  An insult to an unskilled player that can’t score a goal on his own.  basically a flying rat

Puck Bunny . a girl that can’t control her self around hockey players.

Pylon . a defender that can be easily skated around.. plays horrible defense

Sauce . a great saucer pass usually is used in this sentence “nice sauce or sick sauce”

Snipe .  a powerful shot that goes in… sometimes off a bar and in.  “sweet snipe”

Top Shelf .  Scoring a goal any where above the middle and the goal up!

Top Cheese or Top Cheddar . Same as top Shelf

Twig . slang for hockey stick

Upper Corner . picking the top corner with ease.  a preferred shot for all hockey players.  The purest shot in hockey!

Wheeling .  the act of a hockey player picking up the hottest chicks.  usually not hard to do for the best players on the ice.

The Hockey lingo and world is ever changing… if you feel we missed any.. please comment on our facebook page!  hockey-tee-shirts

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