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You are probably wondering why I made this 15 second “Spoof” Commercial. Well first I was in a creative funk and just wanted to shoot/edit/produce something fun and easy and have people say “wow how did you do that?” “and WTF you used one iphone 4s camera to shoot the whole thing? ”
Yes it is true. I used an iphone 4s to shoot this in 1080p just to show ya can still have fun producing and editing video with any sort of decent camera. I would of loved to have used a Go Pro camera but budget was tight. I mean hell i can’t even afford a decent hockey stick to use for that matter =) Well if you have any questions or anything let me know. I might post this on my site just to get some traffice to my computer builds or maybe to site as well. Thanks for watching and i totally expect the ball busting comments to be laid on thick!

From youtube:

I had this idea the other night and figured I would make a little logo / bookend for my inline hockey videos.  I am just getting back into hockey after close to a 15 year hiatus.  Just been having fun shooting around nothing to serious.  I will be sharing more videos like this on my website i just started and facebook page.  I am no pro by any means just an old guy trying to stay in shape and have fun while doing so.



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