Morning Pond Hockey

On my way to work yesterday… I stopped at the pond for 8 minutes… yes count them 8 minutes… or 480 seconds how ever you want to slice it…   Anyways… I had some ideas as I was driving to work and just figured I’d implement them and take some video for fun… I was really only giving myself 10 minutes to set up, skate and then pack up and get back on the road… I actually only need 8… two of my shots didn’t work out well but it is what it is… this video was posted on facebook and got over 6000 views in one day… Facebook has really been pushing the whole “Video” feature on their site… even with auto play and what not… I guess they are going after youtube because of the mistake youtube made by trying to push google+… well it is kinda a failure and ruined youtube channels all together… well at least in my opinion it has..  I can go on and on but this post is about pond hockey and the fun i’ve had the past few days… Enjoy the video below…


or on facebook..

Upper Corner Hockey