NHL 15 Patches and Updates

Patch coming soon includes…

A friend of mine emailed me a link from a reliable source with all this info below… Still sounds like a lot will be missing but all of it can be fixed with updates and patches… So if you aren’t happy… make sure you make EA know it…

  1. Playoff mode: An offline tournament mode for up to 16 teams will be added
  2. Coach Feedback in Be a Pro mode will be added… While you are on the bench the coach will be chirping at ya but no word on if they will add the much needed Simulate feature.
  3. Stars of the Game… same last last year will be added to every mode.
  4. Ultimate Team Changes: Store Layout will change. new items and animations and Edit lines screen made better


Coming in October:

Online Team Play: This Missing Mode will be added post launch…

GM Draft: You’ll finally be able to draft your own players in Be a GM Mode


This still leaves out a bunch of features… Post which ones at the bottom of this article in the new facebook comment box I added.  Hopefully we as a community and get our message across and be heard!