Odor Gladitor helps with that hockey bag stink!

Odor Gladiator helps with that hockey bag odor!  Your Hockey equipment bag stinks but it doesn’t have to!   Adding a Odor Gladiator to your bag will help eliminate some of those odors… It won’t get rid of them completely but will knock down some of those most horrible smells (those hockey gloves #1 smell) in your hockey bag…   Adding one of these in your hockey bag won’t keep ya from ever cleaning your equipment so don’t think it is some magical device with pixi-dust in it or something… still clean your gear… but adding one of these little guys will help dramatically with that hockey bag smell!

Q:  Why is Odor Gladiator™ superior to other products?

A:  Science.  Unlike other products, Odor Gladiator doesn’t mask sports odor.  It neutralizes it.  Odor Gladiator changes the composition and weight of malodorous molecules.  As a result of changed composition, malodorous molecules are no longer detected as an odor.  And as a result of changed weight, malodorous molecules become heavier than air, reducing their concentration in the vapor phase.  Odor Gladiator is especially effective to remove cigarette smell and against butyric acid, which is primarily responsible for body odor.  Odor Gladiator founder Mike Morneault explains here.

More Info:   https://www.amazon.com/Odor-Gladiator-Deodorizer-Equipment-Prevent/dp/B00JK08BOI/ref=as_sl_pc_ss_til?tag=grescoche-20&linkCode=w01&linkId=TZZ7E6ANB7NKUR2O&creativeASIN=B00JK08BOI

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