Once the love starts…. it never stops!

once the love starts it never stops hockey meme

I posted this meme over more than a year ago… today Hockey Shot re-posted it…   It was a good throw back Tuesday? lol

Anyways I re-posted it on Taco Tuesday with a new filter to give it that old time feel… yeah adobe photoshop is great for that kind of stuff…  but something came out of this post more than anything I could imagine…   Not that this saying is 100% true… and how you play the game and you’re completely hooked… it is that your hockey Mom or hockey Dad is there to see it all.

I had a Hockey Dad post a photo this on my facebook page:
hockey dad

Jeff L. post this photo saying “I saw this pic while watching this. ????????”

All I could say is… “You’re a great hockey dad! Thanks for all you do! — Brent”

Because that is what hockey is all about.. the bond… the sacrifice and the commitment to the sport we all love!   Bravo…  Jeff L.  Bravo… and thanks to all the other Hockey Mom’s and Dad’s that dedicate their time, effort and money to let their kids play the best sport ever… Dream Big!

upper corner hockey

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