ProFormance Hockey Stick Wax

My buddy Chris over at is claiming this to be the “Best Hockey Wax”.  I have to say that is a pretty bold statement… But knowing Chris he is a man of his word so I believe him…  It looks like ProFormance Hockey wax is more like a whole “hockey wax system” then just wax… They have different wax for different needs… they have a base wax, grip wax and control wax…   Check out the video below for full details

and check out his full review with photos at this link

So if you are looking for a whole hockey wax system and have some choice in your hockey wax check ProFormance Hockey wax out…  I prefer a grip and tacky wax for my hockey blade so maybe that is the one I would like to look into…  I use  for my grip but I am always fair game to try any other product out.

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