8oz Fly Puck Hands on Review

Great off ice training device… This works great on Dry Land Flooring tiles or a shooting pad.. This is also weighted puck and great for building your strength… This puck can also be shot but I recommend it being into a shooting tarp   Read more….


Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge 

These best shooting tarp on the market in my opinion.  This is also my favorite and most fun off ice training aid.. If you have the room for it… definitely make the investment.  Read more…


Blush or Pink Green Biscuit 

The single best and first off ice training device you should buy… It is that simple..  10% of the sales goes to Breast Cancer Awareness…  Read More….



 NiceRink back yard ice rink

Ever dreamed of having an ice rink of your very own?  Well don’t dream anymore… NiceRink has made it a reality…  Super High quality parts and more    Read More….



 Fast Hands Hockey

Looking for a device that will help you on and off the ice?  Training those hands is serious work so why not get a serious training device?   Read More….



 Bauer Nexus 600 Toews P14 87 Flex

This right now is my go to stick… Love the curve and believe I finally found the right flex, curve and kick point for me…



Swiftwick Cut Proof Hockey Socks

Check out my review of the swiftwick cut proof hockey socks.  They are so fitted and comfortable you might just want to wear them all the time…

Read more….



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