Demon Hot Shot Radar Puck Review “hands on”

Got a “hands on” test with the Demon Hot Shot radar puck…  well first… I would like to mention… I don’t like to bash things because I know some where along the line a person… had a dream, a vision and put hard work and effort into trying to make a dream a reality…  with that said… I don’t know the inventor of this puck… and I would like to apologizes right now for this harsh words I am about to say about his/her product… but this puck sucks!

My friend let me borrow this puck for a review… I am so glad he spent the money and not me… because this puck isn’t worth the rubber it was molded in…

At first glance… the the puck looks fancy and has possibilities…  the colors and graphics look top notch to where you would see this and thing “wow this looks legit”    Well you’ve been fooled…

This Device is something I wouldn’t even gift to my worst enemy.   The concept of this puck is to measure out a certain amount of feet… measure it out and then take a slap shot from the distance and have it hit against a hard object and the puck measures the distance and calculates it to a MPH…  Well it just doesn’t work…

You are suppose to smack the puck between settings and what not…. but you also have to remember what the setting mean… it just doesn’t work well at all… it is so frustration that you just end up slapping the puck and wanting to break it….

I find there is really even no reason to go on with this review…  I don’t want to waste my time and my own… avoid this puck at all cost… if you are looking for a radar device… invest in something like this

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If you don’t believe me not to buy this Demon radar puck seeing How to Hockey’s review on it Below..

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