EPK or the new Extreme Passing Kit by Hockey shot Reviewed

Buy the EPK or Extreme Passing Kit Click Here US only use code “UPPER10OFF” Never expires for 10 bucks off the kit! or “SUMMERCORNER” but only till Sept 1st!

In Canada?  Use “SUMMERCORNER” till Sept 1st http://bit.ly/28WmLAR

Hands down best bang for your buck… It gives you everything right out of the gate… super slick surface to stick handle, pass and shoot… Also the surface is durable for indoor and outdoor use and slap shots can be taken on this surface.   The Extreme Passer (clip on model which is included in the EPK) fires the puck back as fast as you fire it in.

Check out my Preview for the EPK Click here

If you where going to start off with some Off-ice Training and want to know which training device you would want to buy first?   this is the one…

See videos below on how you can use this hockey training device…

Pass it back for top of the key one time quick release shots… see video below

All Items used in above video are:

  1.    Green Biscuit           Click here
  2.    8oz Fly Puck            Click here
  3.    EPK                          Click here
  4.    Snipers Edge Tarp   Click Here

Take it to the local!

Practice in your driveway! With EZ Goal and Backstop Click here for info

Practice your One timers at home..  (with goal or net or optional recommended shooting tarp click here for tarp info

Fire that puck into the Extreme passer… and it fires it right back to ya… see video below

The Possibilities are endless with the EPK or Extreme Passing Kit… buy now click here and use code: UPPER10OFF for 10 bucks off your order….

Brent @ upper corner hockey

3 thoughts on “EPK or the new Extreme Passing Kit by Hockey shot Reviewed

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    • It is a roll up shooting pad and clip on rebounder… you can practice one timers with no one passing it to ya… also great for other things and shooting off of.

      • couldn’t agree more! it is a great all in one training tool. stick handling, one timers, shooting, passing, receiving a pass! great bang for your buck! Thanks for the comment!


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