Extreme Dangler by Hockey Shot Reviewed

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Looking to practice your stick handling at home or on the ice?   Well check out the New Extreme Dangler by Hockey Shot…  This device measures 4 feet long and is made of heavy duty plastic.  Being made of heavy duty plastic (so heavy duty you can stand on it but really no need to) the Extreme Dangler stick handing trainer only weights about 4 lbs… so it is really easy to carry and transport to the rink, driveway, etc…

You can use the Extreme Dangler at your local rink by extending the the little retractable spikes with an Allen wrench.  The spikes help keep the Extreme Dangler in place in case you bump it with the puck or stick.   This really give the advantage to the Extreme Dangler over just using regular pucks to stick handle through on the ice.

The Extreme Dangler can also be used in your driveway, garage floor, concrete floor, etc as well with a green biscuit…    You can also use this on Hockey Shot’s Dryland Shooting titles and Extreme roll up shooting pad.

Product Features
  • Measures 4 feet long.
  • No assembly required.
  • Combine two units to create T or L shape drills.
  • Made from high quality plastic material.
  • Only 4 pounds and very easy to carry.
  • The first stickhandling trainer with moveable middle legs.
  • Includes retractable spikes that can be used on or off the ice.
  • Learn everything from basic moves to complex toe-drags.
  • Perfect coaching aid for players of all skill levels.

So all in all… what is my final say about the Extreme Dangler?  Well I say it is a great device if you don’t already own a Fast Hands… If you own a Fast Hands and want to compliment it then if you have they money go for it… Both the Extreme Dangler and Fast Hands are both affordable… both share the same idea with helping you practice dangling around defenders…    The Fast Hands is made of metal and is super heavy duty…

Both can be used as defenders to sauce over, skate around or dangle through and shoot…   It is all a preference but both really aren’t the same…  Fast Hand would be more used as you are just standing… the Extreme Dangler can be used a bit more while you are skating… So if that is the breaking point Edge to the Extreme Dangler… but if you are going to stick handle at home and want to have a more advance way of stick handling then Edge Fast Hands.

Either way there are probably other products I would recommend you have first before investing in the Extreme Dangler…  A Extreme Passer Pro would be one of them…

Hope this helps and if you have an questions please join us over at facebook.com/uppercornerhockey

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