Fly Puck Review off ice training hockey puck

8oz Fly Puck
Dry Land Tiles

I been meaning to do a review on these pucks for quite awhile now… I been using them for quite sometime (lets see how much more I can use the word quite)  I really love how they slide on my dry land tiles… I also feel that they slide better than the green biscuit but only on the tiles… the Green Biscuit works it’s magic on a rougher surface… the Fly puck need a smooth surface to work it’s magic… Like a painted garage floor, dry land tiles or a shooting pad….

I don’t suggest taking slap shots with this puck due to the fact that it is super hard plastic and might damage the blade of your expensive hockey stick….  Wrist shots and passes work best for this off ice training device…   I also don’t recommend shooting this puck into a hockey goal because if you hit the post it might crack the puck or seriously dent your goal (especially if it is an ez goal)

So with all that said… use it for what it is meant to be used for… a training device… good for passing with a  rebounder, stick handing with fast hands or with out… and shooting in a hockey tarp… You’ll see your shots improve due to the fact that a regular 6oz puck will feel like a feather…

Thanks Brent upper corner hockey

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