Fwd powershot Review and how to install your Fwd PowerShot

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 FWD Powershot by Quattriuum 

This Device that slides into the butt end (yes lol I said butt end) of your hockey stick does the following:

  • Measures every aspect of your shot, the speed, the power, the amplitude and execution speed of your swing.
  • Track your results in real time with your iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android 4.3 devices.
  • The FWD Sportscard App allows you to share and compare your achievements with other users.
  • Compatible with junior and senior hollow composite hockey sticks.

Here at Upper Corner Hockey we are going give you a hands on demo review and How To use and install your FWD Powershot… To show you if this is the device that is right for you…   First off… the product works as advertised…  some of the MPH seem a bit lower then the Radar Gun I been using but it tracks all your shots, passes, the angle of your stick in your backswing, etc…   They are currently working on a new app called “FWD Sportscard”  a free download for Apple and Android devices…

For now we will be using the old FWD Sportscard application and go through the steps you need to do to get you up and running with the FWD Powershot hockey stat tracker device…

For Starters… You might as well Replace that old tape job: for tips on removing watch my two part video series “how to know when to remove replace your hockey tape” —> Click Here  and “how to remove your hockey tape” –> Click here

Now that you’ve removed all the tape off the handle of your hockey stick… Step #2 is to remove the End cap or aka butt plug of your hockey stick…  They come out pretty easy sometimes but you might have to pry it a bit with a flat head screw driver or something… just be careful and not stab yourself… always cut away or pry away from your body… safety first!


Next it is highly recommended to Wrap some hockey tape (I went around twice) so you don’t have your FWD Powershot shake around in the handle of your hockey stick… You want it to fit nice a snug…

Step #4…  Just slide the device in… do not force it… or smash the stick down by any means this will crack the device and render it useless!

Step #5… make sure the device sits flush to the end of your hockey stick… again don’t smash your butt end of the stick on the ground or anything… this will break the device…

Step #6…  tape around the edge of the power shot… this will secure it and makes it even more snug…  it also prevents it from flying out while playing…  I am trying a different technique here… I cut 1/2 inch tape in 1/2 and making more of a rounded knob then my usual 1/2 inch big knob i usually make… definitely a different feel to it but more on that in another tutorial

Step #7… finish taping up the rest of your hockey stick… how ever you like… I don’t judge…

The last step before you sync your stick to the  “FWD Sportscard” app… charge the Device up… It comes with a supplied USB to 1/8th pin power connector that connects into the top of the device… It is a tight fit so just make sure you push all the way down… the light won’t come on right away… it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to actually start charging… ask me why?  I don’t know… it just does so don’t think your unit is broken if the led light shown in the photo below doesn’t light up right away…  just plug it in and give it few hours to charge…

Now go to your phone… iphone or android phone and search and download “FWD Sportscard”  it is a free app.      Once your Device is charged and you downloaded the app…   Open up the app and go to “Settings”  tap the blade of your stick on the ice or floor quickly twice to turn on the device… and Click “PowerShot Sensor”   It should start to “Pair” the device to your phone.

Once Paired it should looks like this below…  It might take a few times to get it to pair… but it will work… i think it took me twice…   Then go to “calibrate” in the settings section and enter in all the specs of the hockey stick you are using…   Then go shoot… you are all set too good… a nice little fun device to show all the stuff you are doing on the ice… I will follow up with more soon….
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Just added… A sneak peak of the new Application that will be release in May 2014

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