HockeyShot Junior Shooting Pad Review

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Nothing “junior” about this shooting pad!   HockeyShot Junior Shooting Pad – measures 24”x48”x1/8” or  16 hockey pucks long and 8 pucks wide!

As you can see in the next two photos… this pad is a great value for it’s size…  No other pad on the market for this price is even close to the size of the Extreme ice HockeyShot Junior shooting pad!

This shooting pad is also thicker

than the roll up shooting pad… it also has a beveled edge or tampered edge so it is easier to slide those pucks onto the shooting pad.  A very nice feature to have when trying to do some rapid fire hockey shots…    This pad is also a lot whiter than the roll up shooting pad as well… it is probably just because it is a lot thicker than the EPK or Extreme Passing Kit’s shooting pad… Plus I think the shooting pad is thinner because you’ll want to roll it up for storage and if it was thick it’d be hard to do so…  Well anyways it is all about the HockeyShot Junior shooting pad right now…

Well I’d have to say… for $39.95 this a no brain-r to buy!  You won’t be able to attach a re-bounder to it… the size might limit you practicing most stick handling moves but for the price you just can’t beat it to shoot off of!  It is big enough to take the longest of wrist shots and small enough to fit into the trunk of your car (or parent’s car)So you are probably asking me… “Brent, I already bought an EPK from you now you are telling me to get another hockey shooting pad?”  well plan and simple yes I am… this is the reason.

  • EPK is awesome and comes with a re-bounder but it is very large as you can see in the photo below.
  • Junior Shooting Pad is easier to carry due to it’s size and convenient carrying handle
  • Having two shooting pads isn’t a bad thing in case a friend comes over and you want to sauce across the front yard, driveway, swimming pool, etc…
  • Great to travel with and bring to your local outdoor rink and shoot with real pucks
  • Junior pad is 1/4 the cost of the EPK and totally worth buying!

So with all that info I just gave ya… what is stopping you in getting one?  Off season is for practicing and no better way to keep your shot fine tuned with a HockeyShot Junior Shooting pad… Make sure you click from this page due to the fact I am a rep and sell affliate… it also helps support this page for future reviews and giveaways!     Thanks everyone for the support!  Click here to buy or the banner below!

Video coming soon…..

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