NiceRink hands on review

To my surprise a few weeks ago… I found these rather large boxes at the bottom of my garage door… I wasn’t expecting anything so I was kinda excited to see what they were… I never take the day off of work and my wife just started a new job which left my oldest off from school… It was Columbus day so the schools were closed… I decided to use up one of my 2 weeks of vacation i had left… we went all over town… got ice cream… lunch.. etc…  and to our surprise came home to these boxes…   My oldest was so excited because they are boxes and what kid doesn’t get excited over that… Well as I opened the boxes I found out they are samples from my friends over at NiceRink… I am an affiliate of them so please click here if you want more info or to order (shameless plug but hey kids gotta eat).  They decided to send me out what it takes to build your own backyard ice rink… and let me tell ya… First off this stuff is built to last… The side walls are molded (Thermoform/injection molding process) plastic and built to take a beating…With that said this will be perfect for any pucks or harsh weather elements you throw at these boards… the board will also be your building blocks to hold all the water that will be turning to ice… they have a hinge locking system that is very easy to assemble and disassemble as well… The boards lay flat for easy storage in the summer.

The kit also comes with these foam bumpers that not only protect the boards from injuries but will also help keep the liner in place.   Speaking of liner the liner is a thin but durable layered material… it is a lot thicker than those cheap blue tarps you find at your local hardware store… They also sell a patch kit… just in case a sharp tree branch or something pokes a whole through it (which probably won’t happen if you are laying the rink on your lawn)   There are also the black plastic brackets that aren’t pictured and they have stakes on them and are driven into the ground to hold your NiceRink or 3/4 plywood walls up and giving them extra stability when you fill your rink with water..

In the kit you shouldn’t worry because they include a DVD instructional video on how to step by step install your new Nice Rink and also a cool little sticker  😉

So all and all this rink is built to last… they have other packages in which you can use wood from a local hardware store but I highly recommend using the boards from NiceRink… It will look nicer and hold up twice as long in my opinion… You and your family could be having great times with family, friends and neighbors…   So for more info check visit this like Here NiceRinks
This is where the future site (below pic) will be for my new NiceRink backyard Ice rink… I still have a lot of work to do and level the ground but it will be all worth the hard work when it is finished…    Happy Hockey
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