Pink Green Biscuit

Well everyone knows Oct. is Breast Cancer awareness month…  so Green Biscuit is giving 10% of the profits will be donated towards Breast Cancer Research…   You have heard me talk time and time again on how great this single off ice hockey training puck is… Now you can own one and support Breast Cancer Research!    It works the same as the Original Green Biscuit (so don’t shoot with this one into a goal… tarp yes… goal no… Order the green biscuit snipe for shooting click here)

Now you have to buy the Pink Green Biscuit… Order here  ordering the regular green biscuit does not qualify the donation…    I got my this weekend to show my support…  My daughters been loving it because they love the color!   We where passing it back and forth on the dry land tiles this past weekend.

This puck really works it’s magic on a driveway surface…  It has two separate pucks with a rubber cushion which acts like shock absorb-er and helps the puck glide with ease… This puck is perfect for passing with a friend, stick handling alone or with a Extreme Passer 

With the extreme passer pro this Pink Green biscuit gives you the ability to pass it back and forth…   Release passes and except passes properly… very portable can be used on the ice, off ice, driveway, indoors, etc..  Great training can be achieved with both the Green Biscuit and this Passer added on.  Click here for more info 

Here is the Video review of the Blush or Pink Green Biscuit…  The puck is awesome and my daughters really love it seeing it is pink…

Help show your support and order today.

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