Swiftwick cut protection fitted hockey socks

Well in the world of ice hockey…  injuries happen…  but there are ways now to eliminate some of them…  getting cut in the back of the leg with a sharp ice skate being one of them…

Swiftwick, a leading producer of athletic compression socks, spent three years developing its new Cut-Resistant Hockey Sock. Made using yarn that is comparable in strength to the materials used in bullet-proof vests, 90% of NHL teams have at least one player who wears the sock.

First off,  the socks feel and look great…  very soft, warm and comfortable… They are fitted socks and breathe well too…  They fit like a glove on your foot…  The hockey socks are really contoured and fit tight to your foot as you can see in the photo below…

Below Is a photo of the carbon part of the hockey sock which gives you that added protection against any back of the leg injuries… seeing that the back of your legs are completely exposed… now with swiftwick hockey socks you can protect the back of your legs against any ice skate blades…   this carbon part of the hockey sock will obviously not stop a 80mph plus slap shot from hurting so please don’t think it will protect you in that sort of way…

From Swiftwick site:

An achilles injury is a serious risk hockey players face each time they skate out on the ice. After 3 years of development, we are almost ready to market the solution.

Swiftwick’s cut resistant hockey sock provides world class protective gear developed for pros in extreme conditions- then made available for collegiate and youth hockey.

“This can happen to every hockey player at any level.”

“Protective gear worn by the pros influence what our children wear.”

“If this can protect a player who can make millions a year, what can this do for you?”


The answer is in our technology:
  • HG Cut Resistant Protection: Tendon protection using HG Fiber where you need it, no restricted movement, no tongue bite. These fibers preform better than Kevlar® for comfort and thermal management as well as force impact resistance.
  • 168 Needle Construction: Managed Compression™ built in that protects your career and improves your endurance every game.
  • Active-Antimicrobial: Unique from Swiftwick, our patented bonding process delivers the natural anti-odor and anti-fungal benefits of silver ions throughout the sock, activated when you sweat.
  • Machine Linked Toe: No seams at all – none – automated linking produces reliable toe closure.
  • Arch Support: When you are going for the every game compression advantage.
  • Half Density Weave Construction: For “no bunch” freedom of movement.

All and all these socks are not what I expected at all.. They are super comfortable and fit like a glove (a glove on your foot that is and I don’t mean toe socks ya silly goose)…  If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer (pun intended) or gift for that hockey player that has everything… give them the gift of some added protection… they’ll thank you for it…

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