I can’t stress enough the importance of “off-ice training”.  If it wasn’t for off-ice training my shots and accuracy would really suffer…  Off-ice training isn’t just fun… it is an amazing way to keep these old bones moving again… So all your over 35’s out there… get your arshe off the couch and get out there!

Well with all that said…   This section I am going to post a list of much needed items to practice in your driveway, basement or office…   I am going to start with some essentials… These will start off very budget friendly and help any young or old time hockey players out…  I also own all of these products… so I practice what I preach!


HockeyShot’s New Extreme Passing Kit

The Best Bang for your buck for Off-ice hockey training.  The roll up shooting pad is as slick as ice and the passer/rebounder will fire the puck back as fast as you fire the puck in… More info click here…


 The Green Biscuit…   This is the original and still the best (i haven’t tried the green biscuit pro out yet, it has a rubber ring where you stick meets the puck and suppose to give you that more “puck like” feel to it.. click here for more info) IMO for stick handling…  If you have a driveway, non busy street, parking lot, etc.. and a stick.. You can practice your stick handling… If you have a friend you can practice your passing as well but a word to the wise… don’t shoot this puck… you will crack it…  This device will get your hours upon hours of training… a must have to start  Click here for more info to buy one! or two…

  Fast Hands… first off this device isn’t just great for stick handling… it can be used on and off the ice.. you can use it as a defender by saucing passes over or under it.. (illustrated in this video here Click here for Video ) This item is build like a tank and will last you years and years of training use… Great for teams, coaches or just for your home, basement or driveway…  this device goes hand and hand with the Green Biscuit mentioned above… Lot of pro’s use this device during the off season…  Just youtube fast hands hockey…   Click here for more info and where to buy

Hockey Shot’s Dryland Hockey floor tiles  These tiles are next on the list but they go hand and hand with everything on the list if you are building a basement, indoor or garage training area…  A lot of people ask me why i went with the tiles instead of a shooting pad… well the reason is…. I wanted the ability to start with a small area and add on later… I feel it is a good cost effective way to get the practice area you desire.  These tiles work great but they aren’t as slick as fresh ice (to be honest)…  They feel like playing on the ice after 3 periods of hockey have been played on them… but they are still pretty damn good IMO…  The more you use them the slicker they get… that is due to the molding process of these tiles (not to get all techy on ya)   Click here for more info and where to buy

  Hockey Shot’s Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp…  This hands down was the best hockey investment I have ever made… check out my review click here  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t shoot a few pucks before work or more importantly after work 😉   I find that this tarp has helped me pick apart the goalies in the beer leagues… yes we are old and slow but hell we are still alive and competitive!  Plus for 200 bucks it will save you a ton of time and effort installing new sheet rock in your garage or basement!  =)   Click here for more info and where to buy   use coupon Code: UPPER10OFF   for 10 bucks off! 

  50 hockey official hockey pucks…  this one is kinda a no brain-r but hey I don’t want to be the one that left ya in your new basement training area with nothing to shoot… I suggest getting at least 50 but you can get more… you can even start with 25 if you are on a budget… but you can never ever have enough pucks on hand…

Click here for more info and where to buy


EZ goal with Backstop 

Best Price on the net! (pun intended)  with coupon code: UPPER10OFF    turns this into 139.99… Try to find a better price for such a popular item!

Click here to buy and more info!


 EZ mini hockey goals

Bought this for my girls for Christmas (and myself) and we will be having some nice fun family hockey mini battles… I will be doing a review soon and will post… Click here to buy




Well this will be an on going section and be updated when I get to new products to review, test and etc…   So hope you enjoyed it and if you have any question or want me to review a product.   Visit us on

Brent Dolan

10 bucks off any order over $100   use code: UPPER10OFF 

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