EZ Goal with backstop

The ez goal where you can shoot real hockey pucks at home without damaging your house, garage door, sheet rock, etc…  Also… stop chasing hockey pucks… some of the most annoying things about shoot pucks is if you miss you end up loosing the puck or chasing it down the street… no more with these added side and top backstop….   This EZ Hockey goal folds up for storage light weight great for off ice training  see photos I took below:
Fold up your Ezgoal by pulling two pins at the bottom corners then unlock the center post and fold up!  As shown in the photo above…    Then you can place your EZ goal where ever you like… I place it on the side of my garage safe from the elements so I can get many good years out of this goal… As you can see from the photo below I am able to still pull in my car in the garage with no hassle!

So what is stopping you from getting any EZ goal… the price?  well with our coupon code: UPPER10OFF you’ll save 10 bucks off this goal and Backstop combo!   That means for 119.00 plus shipping your have the cheapest price on the net!  (pun intended)  Click here to buy

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