New Hockey Shot Extreme Goal


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The New Hockey Shot Extreme Goal, backstop and new Shooter Tutor is here!  and In stock (well while supplies last)

The Key here is… “Solid construction due to 2-3/4″ pipe connections (pipe inside the pipe).”    What does this mean?  It means it won’t dent as easy as other goals you’ve used in the past!    Check out the video below of the durability of this goal. by Jeremy from the Hockey Movement.

So no more denting goals and this is a goal you can leave outside.  I am sure the net won’t last as long if you leave it outside but the pipes on this will last a lot longer!     This unit does not fold up like the EZ Goal. (see photos click here)..  But this new Hockey Shot Extreme Goal is built to last! for more info Click Here 

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Upper Corner Hockey

PS you can just buy the goal and use your EZ Goal Back Stop with this product btw!  To save some bank!