Swedish Stickhandling Wooden Ball for stick handling off ice training

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HS Swedish Stickhandling Wooden Ball…  Weighing in at only 2oz.. you might say this isn’t a great stick handling device for off ice training.  Well I disagree…  An official ice hockey puck weighs in at 6oz…  but if you add in ice under the puck as a factor… the puck feels a whole lot lighter when stick handling…  yes a heavier ball with develop those muscles for stick handling off ice… but this little wooden wonder ball helps you keep soft hands… Kind of a substitute for using a golf ball technique but as you can see in the photo below that the Swedish Stick Handling Wooden Ball is bigger in size… this is due to the fact they took the size of the puck into account… using a golf ball will help you with keeping soft hands but… the size of the golf ball will screw you up a bit once you transfer to the ice with an office ice hockey puck…

Well with all that said… for $3.50 it might be the cheapest and quickest home training device for stick handling…   Buy yours today Click Here and Support this page

Brent Dolan
Upper Corner Hockey

Product Features

  • This unique training aid is fairly simple and measures 2 inches in diameter.
  • The wood is amazingly durable and can be used on all but the roughest surfaces.
  • For best results use the Swedish Stick handling Ball on wood, tile, smooth concrete, or even carpeted surfaces.
  • This 2′ hardwood ball is the BEST tool that a player can use to develop soft, quick hands.
  • Think of the Swedish Stick handling ball as the ‘Speed bag’ of stick handling training.
  • Use this ball 10-15 minutes a day and you will see a dramatic improvement in the players ability to handle the puck.

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